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가시나들 (2019)

Genre: kshow
Aktor: Tidak dikenal
Direktur: Tidak dikenal
Jaringan: MBC
Durasi: 60 menit per ep
Klasifikasi: Acara TV
Negara: Korean
Dirilis: 2019
Episode: 100 Ep
Inspired by a critically acclaimed documentary, the show features grandmothers who couldn't learn Hangul in their childhood trying to learn the language in the twilight years. They are eager to learn to do what they've always dreamed of: to write their own names or to read letters from children. Also, grandmas' simple and peaceful lives in the countryside give you a big smile. Some celebrities will be here to help them. Actress Moon So-ri, an education university graduate who teaches in college, will teach the senior students Hangul in a fun way. Young celebrity classmates also participate in class, learning the language and the precious life wisdom.
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